• Thursday, March 28, 2019
Several months ago we switched from R1Soft to JetBackup after testing in our development environment and a few live servers. Unfortunately since then we have had feedback from a number of customers regarding the impact the backups are having on the servers, this has also been reflected in our server performance monitoring systems. 
We're constantly looking for new and improved services to offer our customers and have been testing Acronis Cloud Backup for several months. During testing we've seen huge improvements over both R1Soft and JetBackup, namely the following:
  • Zero kernel dependency
  • Extremely fast backups (2 hours to backup a very active shared hosting server versus 8 hours of JetBackup)
  • Much easier to use control panel
  • Ability to restore an entire cPanel account with one click
  • Zero performance impact while performing a backup
  • Ability to automatically restore any infected files through Imunify360
Just like other solutions Acronis performs a full server backup, ensuring the operating system and all hosting accounts are protected including all website files, databases, email accounts, DNS zones, mail forwarders etc.
As we've seen such incredible results from our testing we will begin rolling out Acronis backup as a replacement for JetBackup within the coming weeks. JetBackup will remain enabled but additional backups will be paused while restore points are created in Acronis.
If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact support.